Way To Mandalay — Blackmore’s Night

Песня для настоящих путешественников


Way To Mandalay — Blackmore’s Night

I wandered down the pathway, through the misty moor
Like I knew he did a thousand times before
Voices seem to echo «Come talk with me a while
Just around the corner, just another mile…»

I had heard the stories, her legend served her well
A mystic’s myth or fable, truth or fairy tale
A raggle taggle gypsy , with a toothless smile
Said «Sit with me my darling, let’s talk a little while…»

*And the road goes on, seeming ever longer on the Way to Mandalay
And the road goes on, forever will I wander on the Way to Mandalay…

The mile went on forever, the minutes turned to days
Could I have been misguided by the mystic’s ways?
The moment lasts forever, at least it does for me
Caught between what happened and what could never be…

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